Quality Policy

We strive for ‘excellence’ by providing customized solutions, products & services that best satisfies the requirements of our customers and continuously improve quality, reliability & service with the help of an effective quality management system, encompassing all statutory, regulatory, health, safety & environment requirements at our work place.

We maintain quality management system as per below process

  • Order Processing
  • Production Planning
  • Measurement of product/ service/ process compliant with specified requirements including statistical techniques such as Statistical Process Control and Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Calibration
  • Internal Audit
  • Corrective Action
  • Preventive Action
  • Identification, labeling and control of non conforming product to preclude its inadvertent use, delivery or processing.
  • Purchasing and related processes such as supplier selection and monitoring

Our Warehouse

Environmental controls

We understand that proper storage is critical if materials are to retain peak functionality during storage. Our warehouse facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date as well as careful climate, humidity and temperature control.

Inventory inspections

Every item is inspected upon receipt into the warehouse, and then inspected again before it is released from the warehouse.